Cut to length controller

Industrial grade length measuring device that you can connect with the machine in your factory and control the length of the machine’s output

Our cut-to-length controller is equipped with a 16×4 LCD graphics display and five capacitive touch buttons providing great durability, especially in harsh factory environments

Custom length

You can set a custom length of the output

Up to four combinations

Set up to four combinations of lengths and units in series

Custom number of pieces

You can set a custom number of pieces that machine should produce

Easy to use

The device is very user friendly as it is easy to install and simple to use

You can connect it to a wide range of machines in different industries and avoid the costs of buying the brand new machines by upgrading the current ones with our cut-to-length controller

Integration with cutting equipment in wood processing

Integration with cutting equipment in metalworking

Integration with cutting equipment in paper production

The device is ready for any type of modifications our customers might need like enabling data logging and WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity for data transfer and control

For further details and quote please contact us.

Here is a prototype of the device in action

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