A device that would provide waiting passengers with short stories to read while they wait for their ride




Raspberry Pi 3


Thermal printer


Power supply


3-button keypad



Embedded Linux


1 x Embedded Engineers

1 x Embedded Programmers


We were tasked by Dan to develop the electronics and server-side for his kiosk machine.


Due to low volume production machine was built using existing electronics module and components. Raspberry Pi 3 was used to control a thermal printer for kiosks and UI components.

Onboard WiFi chipset was used for communication within locations providing wifi AP. 3G dongle was used as a backup option for internet connectivity.


“Semblie were professional and competent throughout the whole process. They listened and digested our requirements and brought the product to life. They guided us in the right direction and gave invaluable feedback and every stage. They were critical in ensuring the successful development of our product.”

Daniel Simons

Managing Director, YumaPOS UK ltd

Semblie is a hardware and software development company based in Europe. We believe that great products emerge from ideas that solve real-world problems.