Custom made, easy to use smart WiFi switch

Would you like an add-on that you can connect to existing “dumb” electronics to make them smart?

You can do that with oSwitch!

Use it as a timer

Set up the timer for your devices to turn on or off at the preferred time

Control your home using an app

Control any home appliances with on and off functions using your smartphone from anywhere in the world over the internet

Voice control

Your home can be controlled using the personal assistant like Amazon’s Alexa

Control heating or cooling device

With a thermal probe attached you can turn oSwitch into a thermostat controlling your heating or cooling devices however you want

Control any light in your home using a smartphone app from anywhere

You can extend the battery life of your devices and save energy at the same time

Connect oSwitch with a thermal probe to a water heater to have hot water whenever you need it and lower your electricity bill at the same time

Not sure that you turned that device off before you left home? You can turn it off using oSwitch

 By connecting oSwitch you can activate even your ceiling or exhaust fans

 You could also connect oSwitch to a water pump to control irrigation

Tell us what would you use oSwitch for?



Max power: 2kW


Max current: 10A


Wireless standard: WiFi - IEEE 802.11 b/g/n


External attachments: Thermal probe

Semblie is a hardware and software development company based in Europe. We believe that great products emerge from ideas that solve real-world problems.