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embedded system design

embedded system design service

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embedded system design service

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embedded system design service

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embedded system design service

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embedded system design service

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“MindFuture have worked with Semblie for the last couple of years and we can wholeheartedly recommend them. Semblie has worked as our outsourced co-development partner on fairly complex IoT hardware and firmware applications.
You always worry whether things will work out with an external partner, but the communication was extremely good from inception and the relationship has only grown stronger with on-line meetings/data sharing supplemented by occasional face to face status meetings at our headquarters in Denmark.
Semblie is proactive and self-driven, always ready to help and very responsive in assisting us with existing and new assignments. Above all they are a professional team of very nice people, which we will enjoy working with for years to come.

Lasse Helmer Pedersen

Head of Technology at MindFuture

“They listened and digested our requirements and brought the product to life. They guided us in the right direction and gave invaluable feedback and every stage. They were critical in ensuring the successful development of our product.”

Daniel Simons

Managing Director at YumaPOS UK ltd

“Electronics engineers, with the sharp minds and the ability to think outside the square. Extremely professional and a key asset in my project. Communication and responsiveness were top-notch. No challenge is too great.

Artur Denysenko

Founder of Gadgetkeeper

Their professionalism and skilled engineers have helped us make a much better product than we could do ourselves.”

Asbjørn Høj Christensen

CEO & Co-Founder, UDU

We felt that they genuinely cared about our project and the end result. 

Jimmy Eriksson

CTO, Hidroxa Medical AB


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Design for Manufacturing

We apply design for manufacturing through all of our development processes


Semblie is a hardware and software development company based in Europe. We believe that great products emerge from ideas that solve real-world problems.