You will get your custom hardware and software developed in no time thanks to our process conceived through the years of experience

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Your products go through several stages bringing them from an idea to a product ready for manufacturing. Of course, you can start at any stage of the process and bring it to any following step. We will guide you and help with defining the main milestones in the project 




  • First we do our best to understand your idea. We will arrange a meeting and help you give us the most important details. Usually, we sign an NDA before you discuss the details.

Proof of Concept

  • A working proof of concept can help you better visualize your product and get a better feel for it. At this stage, any changes won’t have a huge impact on the development time. Therefore the details and main features need to be set at this stage

Minimum Viable Product

  • The point of MVP is to provide you with something that looks and feels like a real finished product that you can use to get feedback from the public and investors. The best thing about MVP is that you can get it even without the budget of a large corporation, therefore, it’s perfect for startups.

Testing and Debugging

  • We assemble several complete prototypes in house. We do 2 weeks of testing and debugging on both hardware and software. If any mistakes are discovered we do quick fixes on PCBs locally and software patches if needed

Market Feedback

  • It is very important to familiarize yourself with your customers and their needs. You can do this by gathering feedback about their experience with your product. All data gathered will be of much value for the next iteration of your product.

Turnkey Solution

  • After several iterations of prototypes, you will get to a final prototype that is ready for finishing touches. All that is left to do is finalizing the design and preparing it for manufacturing. We take DFMA approach through our development process from the very beginning.


  • All of the manufacturing is handled by us. Smaller batches, up to 2000 units, can be done in-house. For larger batches, we do the manufacturing support by managing manufacturing orders and adjusting the design with the requirements given by the manufacturer and the availability of resources.

Semblie is a hardware and software development company based in Europe. We believe that great products emerge from ideas that solve real-world problems.