FPGA based ethernet device

A custom network device that is ready for a competitive market.





Power efficient
High-speed and low latency IO

4x PHY IEEE 802.3 ICs

10 Base T
100 Base Tx
1000 Base T



Verilog HDL


Modular and verified design



Aluminium extrusion enclosure


2 x Embedded Engineers

1 x Enclosure designer


Our client required the development of a fully functional, certification-ready network device. The quality and performances of the device had to be hight to match the competition on the market.


According to the description our client presented to us, and established requirements, we researched the potential solutions. As a result of our research, we had the concept of the device.

To ensure faster development cycle we started with the development board for software development. After we had the Proof of Concept prototype, we proceeded with a custom PCB that our client used as a Minimum Viable Product. We tested the device thoroughly and finalized the design for DFMA, which involved substituting the oversized components with the more suitable and less expensive components.

The device had to have very low latency, no packet loss or other interferences. It required a custom solution as there were no off-the-shelf electronics that would meet all of the requirements.

We developed a custom network processor (NPU) that meets all of our client’s requirements. The design was based on FPGA.

This device is out of the scope of consumer electronics and as an industrial use device, follows more strict regulations. Due to this, the device has to be more robust, safer and secure. Mainly it has to be resistant to cyber attacks.


The result of our development was a device that had better performances and all-around quality than the competition on the market.

This project opened the doors for further cooperation and we’re working on a range of new network devices for our client.

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